Top Executive Compensation Survey

The yearly published Top Executive Compensation Survey gives a comprehensive picture of the levels and trends of the overall top executive compensation in Finland. Our title-based survey, published since 2001, covers CEOs and executives reporting directly to the CEOs. The General Report of the Compensation Survey includes a summary of executives’ salary and compensation levels in standard groups. The survey covers approximately 150 companies annually. Our survey has excellent coverage, as 2/3 of the large-cap and mid-cap companies on Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd participate in the survey. The survey is based on the compensation information from April of the current year. In addition to the standard General Report, we also make tailored total compensation reports on executives or a specified personnel group with peer groups tailored to meet the needs of the target company. 

Key Employee Compensation Survey

Our survey of the compensation of companies' key employees analyses the role of all compensation elements as part of the key personnel's total compensation. Key employees are divided into peer groups by job difficulty level and job function. 

Board Remuneration Report

Our Board Remuneration Report provides a comprehensive picture of the compensation of board of directors. The report includes all Finnish listed companies as well as Swedish and Norwegian large-cap and mid-cap companies. On request, we provide companies with tailored board remuneration analysis. In these company-specific reports, remuneration of the target company's board of directors in a selected target group is analysed in more detail, e.g. for discussions at the nomination committee or the General Meeting. The report uses remuneration decided by the General Meeting, thus giving a comparable and transparent picture of the annual fees and meeting fees. The report serves as a useful basis for preparing the board remuneration proposal and for validating it at the General Meeting.  

We are happy to tell you more about the reports and how to take part in them. 

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