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We see wealth as an engine to drive sustainable progress. We draw on our heritage, broad expertise and Nordic values to grow and manage wealth for institutions, corporations and private persons in a responsible way.

Award-winning institutional asset management

Evli has been in top positions in Kantar Prospera's "External Asset Management Finland" survey for the past eleven years.

Founded in




18.5bn. €

largest Fund Manager in Finland

Interim Report January–March 2024

In the beginning of 2024, Evli’s business developed favorably and assets under management grew to a new all time high. Evli entered into a strategic partnership with Bregal Milestone to accelerate international growth of the incentive business. The Group’s net revenue and operating profit increased, driven by the partnership arrangement, positive market development, and performance-related fees.

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Evli’s Annual Report 2023

Evli has published its Annual Report 2023 in English and. The Annual Report includes a review to 2023 as well as the Financial Statements, Board of Directors' report, and Auditor's report for the period January 1 - December 31, 2023.

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Also companies and investors have a duty to make children’s rights come true

Evli has made children's rights one of the focus areas of its responsible investment work, as investors have power to influence how children's rights are implemented in companies’ operations.

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We see wealth as an engine to drive sustainable progress

We are in a vanguard position to steer capital sustainably in the nordic region. We see ourselves as facilitators of a broader context where wealth and sustainability drive positive change together. We have the expertise, the vision and the courage to initiate and drive the discussion on the initiatives that long-term value creation enables both for individuals, society and our planet.

Ambition and the Evli way of working

Over time, our founders’ entrepreneurial attitude, integrity, courage and curiosity evolved into a unique way of working that fuel our work every day.
Evli’s long-term goal is to be a growing and profitable asset manager with a unique customer base and a broader international business. We want to be the forerunner in responsible wealth management in the Nordics, and in this way help our clients in managing their wealth to support a sustainable future.

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Simply unique, according to clients, by offering high-quality service and unique client experiences 24/7.

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Increasing clients’ wealth according to their individual targets.

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Entrepreneurship, Valuable Relationships, Learning, Integrity.

Working at Evli

We offer you the opportunity to develop yourself and build your future in investment banking. Our mission is to create value for our customers. We work as a team, learn together, and strive to create a working environment where our employees feel they are developing and thriving.


We appreciate entrepreneurial spirit, good interpersonal skills and willingness to develop.


We believe that investors and companies that consider sustainability factors in their investments will benefit in the long-term.

Corporate responsibility

Evli's main task is to provide investment and financial services to enable individuals, businesses and institutions to achieve their financial goals. In order to achieve our goal, we consider not only economic factors but also the responsibility of our business taking into consideration environmental, social and governmental issues. Responsible business creates long-term added value and remains competitive in a changing global environment.

How the Evli story began

Carl Ahlström, Henrik Andersin, Roger Kempe and Thomas Thesleff established Evli Securities Ltd in 1985. Honesty, expertise, intellectual curiosity and courage were traits the founders all shared. The colleagues saw opportunities during the deregulation of the financial market and they spent many late November nights pondering whether there was room for a new type of broker. 

Evli grew rapidly between 1980 and 1990, and had established its position by the early 2000s. Evli was granted a banking license in 2001 and became an asset management and investment bank. In 2005 and 2006, Evli changed its strategy, with the aim of focusing its business operations especially on providing individual asset management services to its key client groups. The strategic shift helped improve the company’s financial performance and financial predictability.

In 2022, Evli Bank Plc completed an arrangement, whereby the company demerged through a partial demerger into a new asset management group Evli Plc and a company carrying on Evli Bank’s banking services, into which Fellow Finance Plc was merged, and which was named Fellow Bank Plc. (Fellow Bank changed its name to Alisa Bank Plc on April, 21, 2023.)

Having started in equity brokerage, Evli has expanded its operations in many ways during its over 35 years. The securities brokerage company first evolved into a bank and thereafter into Evli Plc, an asset management group specialized in responsible wealth management.

Evli Plc's B shares is listed on Nasdaq Helsinki’s main list.

Evli's history per year
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1985: Evli Securities Ltd was established

2001: Evli was granted a banking license and became Evli Bank Plc.

The branch office in Stockholm was established

2007: Evli acquired a part of Alexander Management Ltd

2009: Evli acquired Carnegie’s asset management operations in Finland

2013: Evli acquired 90% of Aurator Asset Management

2015: Evli acquired 91% of Head Asset Management

Evli was listed on Nasdaq Helsinki’s main list

2016: Evli acquired the rest of its previously 45% owned Evli Alexander Management Ltd.

Evli Research Partners, a company focusing on investment research was established.

Evli Investment Solutions Oy was established to boost product sales

2017: Evli acquired the remaining of the previously 90% owned Head Asset Management.

Evli expanded its fund sales to Spain, France, Italy and Latin America.

2018: Evli acquired Ab Kelonia Placering Oy.

Evli expanded its fund sales to among others Germany and Portugal.

2022: Evli Bank Plc demerged through a partial demerger into a new asset management group Evli Plc and a company carrying on Evli Bank’s banking services, into which Fellow Finance Plc was merged, and which was named Fellow Bank Plc.