Alternative Investment Funds

The selection of alternative investment funds to choose from at Evli includes private equity, real estate, forest, private debt and infrastructure funds. Managing those funds is a 38-person team with a rigorous experience in the field of alternative investments. This experience in managing private equity funds dates back to 2002 and for real estate funds to 2005, when the first real estate fund was established in Evli and Finland. Evli has twenty eight alternative investment funds with total assets under management of approximately EUR 2.6 billion.

Why invest in alternative investment funds?

Alternative investments complement traditional investments and diversify risk. For the long-term investor, alternative investments can offer diversification, inflation hedge and an attractive source of returns.

For whom is an alternative investment fund suitable?

Due to long investment horizon and high level of risk, alternative investment funds are only suitable for professional investors and, depending on the product, for certain non-professional investors who are considered to have sufficient understanding of the fund and its investment activities.

Member of venture capital and private equity associations

Evli is a member of both the Finnish and European venture capital and private equity associations, FVCA - Finnish Venture Capital Association and EVCA - European Private Equity & Venture Capital Association.


Check out our variety of funds and choose from a selection of private equity, real estate, forest, private debt and infrastructure funds. 


first fund


person team


alternative investment funds

2.6bn €

assets under management

Evli Alternative Insights

What is the market outlook for alternative investments and where are some of the biggest growth opportunities? Evli Alternative Insights is an 9-part video series hearing from investment experts across the field – all the way from infrastructure to real estate, forestry and beyond. Join us and watch the 10-minute episodes!

Watch the videos

Join our experts and explore the market outlook for alternative investments now and in the future.


Fund management

An experienced, 38-person portfolio management team manages the alternative investment funds. The team has an excellent track record of producing long-term results by implementing investment processes in line with the funds’ strategies. The experience of a portfolio manager plays a crucial role, as a strong knowledge of the investment targets and fund selection are very important to produce results, especially in alternative investment funds.

Team of experienced professionals

The team consists of portfolio managers, analysts, consultants and other industry experts. 

Responsible investing

At Evli, responsible investment consists of among others taking responsibility issues into consideration when making investment decisions and influencing portfolio companies.


Assessing and managing the opportunities and risks of responsible investing and corporate responsibility, i.e. environmental and social responsibility and good governance (ESG), have become part of the day-to-day operations both of alternative investment funds and of their portfolio companies.

Evli's alternative investment funds adhere to Evli's principles and practices of responsible investment in their investment activities, and ESG is integrated into the funds' investment processes.

Net zero asset manager by 2050

Evli's climate targets aim to make a real impact on investments, businesses and the industry.

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