Capital Market services

We offer comprehensive brokerage services for institutional investors. Our extensive network of partners offers liquidity, tight spreads, views and contacts with company management.

Equity brokerage

Experienced brokers and up-to-date trading software execute even demanding orders for the best price (best execution). We are a local expert in almost all of the world’s equity markets. Our membership in several FIX networks means that you can place your order with us electronically. We are specialized in the brokering of illiquid equities. Our extensive market experience means that we know the majority of Finnish institutional investors. Our distribution network contains important international investors.


  • Demanding equity baskets in several markets and currencies (shortfall algorithms)
  • Participate, WWAP, TWAP
  • Algorithms also for exceptional situations (over 10).


  • FIX
  • SOR

Member markets – Best Execution, equities

  • Nasdaq Nordic (Finland and Sweden)
  • CHI-X
  • Eurex

DMA through our partners

  • Western Europe
  • North America
  • Japan
  • Hong Kong
  • Australia
  • Singapore
  • Taiwan
  • Malaysia
  • Indonesia
  • Korea

Dark pool and crossing networks

  • Dark Pool Nordic at Mid
  • Chi-X Dark, BATS dark
  • Chi-Delta
  • Turquoise MidPoint
  • GS Sigma X MTF
  • Instinet BlockMatch
  • CS CrossFinder
  • Nomura NX
  • DB SuperX
  • SEB X
  • JPM X
  • MSPool

A new equity research web site

We have launched a new equity research website where investors can easily access Evli’s equity research, as well as other investor information, on the small- and mid-cap companies covered by Evli. You can also subscribe to our reports and receive them by email.

Enter the site

Other Capital Market services

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We focus mainly on listed index, equity and interest rate derivatives. Our selection also includes listed commodity derivatives. We can offer the best added value in high-volume option strategies. We can quickly provide a price for a tight spread with high volume, particularly with liquid underlying assets. The best prices are compiled from many operators and the trades are made with or without a delta. We are a member of OMX and Eurex, and have direct contacts with the following derivatives exchanges: CBOE, CME, ICE/IPE, LME, MEFF, NYSE Liffe, OSE, SGX, HKG. Through our networks we can get a price for almost any derivative listed in the world.
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We execute your trade in liquid ETFs using the latest trading tools and algorithms. With illiquid ETFs we quickly and transparently subject our comprehensive AP network to competition for your benefit. The trade is commission-based. We always try to find the best product for your needs without favouring certain issuers or market makers. Our product selection includes all ETFs listed in the USA and Europe, and professional investors can view these on the internet or in our ETF handbook.

ETF Key Investor Information Document

The KIID (Key Investor Information Document) can be read on the issuer’s webpage. The KIID should be read before doing the investment decision.

Issuer   Additional information
Alpcot Capital Management Ltd Alpocot Capital Management Ltd
Amundi ETF Amundi
ComStage ETF ComStage
db x-trackers/db x-trackers II db x-trackers
DNB Asset Management AS DnB NOR
ETF Securities ETF Securities
ETFlab ETFlab
iShares iShares
Lyxor ETF Lyxor
Market Access RBS Market Access
MW Indices plc Marshall Wace
PowerShares PowerShares
Seligson & Co Rahastoyhtiö Oyj Seligson
Source Markets Source
SpotR SpotR
SSgA Funds Management SSgA
Swedbank/Robur Swedbank Robur
Vanguard Vanguard
XMTCH CS ETF / Credit Suisse
Osmosis Osmosis


Structured investment solutions
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We offer ideas and products for distributors and institutions. We act as the issuer or use products tailored by our partners.

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Back Office
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We provide reliable and flexible back office services even with demanding orders. In addition to clearing and custody services we offer issues, and subscription and payment transaction services in mergers and acquisitions.