When designing a new incentive program, it is important to define what the owners, Board of Directors and company are aiming to achieve through the program. A functioning incentive program is always linked to the company’s strategic targets.

Important matters to consider:

  • Does the remuneration guide and contribute to the implementation of the strategy?
  • To which extent does the company wish to reward for the achievement of targets?
  • Is the program flexible in potential cases of change in strategy and/or market?
  • Does the company’s remuneration support the commitment of the personnel?
  • Is the objective of the program to make the program participants shareholders in the company?

The advisory services of EAI include, e.g:

  • Ownership-based arrangements
  • Long-term incentive programs
  • Short-term incentive programs
  • Employee ownership-based and commitment programs
  • Auditing of incentive programs

When designing incentive programs, it is important to consider also technical details related to the administration of incentive programs. EAI offers both incentive plan design and administration services. Therefore we can provide seamless and comprehensive service experience to our clients. 

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