How can investors and asset managers advance the fulfilment of children’s rights?

This is what Evli is exploring in a project led by UNICEF Finland. The aim is to increase companies’ understanding of child rights and their ability to integrate child rights into business operations.

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We see wealth as an engine to drive progress. We draw on our heritage, broad expertise and Nordic values to grow and manage wealth for institutions, corporations and private persons in a responsible way.

On the journey to become a leading Nordic Asset Manager

Evli and EAB are joining forces to form Evli Plc, providing an even more comprehensive range of wealth management products and services.

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Corporate responsibility

Sustainability is increasingly important for our customers and us. For us, it is about making responsible investment decisions and integrating responsible operations into everything we do. Responsible operations enable us to create long-term value and to remain competitive and successful in the changing global operating environment.

Responsible investing

We have integrated ESG-factors into our Wealth Management’s investment operations and our funds are managed in accordance with Evli’s Principles for Responsible Investment.

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