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Evli Fund Management Company is a Nordic fund management boutique with a prime focus on institutional investors. Evli Fund Management Company Ltd is 100% owned by Evli Plc founded in 1985 and headquartered in Helsinki, Finland. The funds are actively managed with an ESG overlay, a long time-perspective and a focus on free cash flow.

Always putting clients first

Evli’s operations are based on a Stewardship philosophy, which means that the client’s best interest always come first. Stewardship is rooted in the Middle Ages and based on the idea of a steward managing an owner’s property as if it was his own while the owner is away. In Evli’s case it means that the client’s assets are managed as if they were Evli’s own. The cornerstone of this kind of operations is that Evli knows its clients and becomes familiar with their business and financial situation as required by the client relationship. This enables Evli to offer every client products and services that fit their needs and goals and to ensure that clients truly understand the product or service they are buying.

Best Small Bond Group 2019

Evli's excellent fixed income knowledge and outstanding performance is awarded by Lipper in Germany, France and Europe.

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Best Fixed Income Manager 2019

Evli awarded in Spain by Morningstar for it's strongest performing fund line-up.

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Best in class managers

Evli maintains a portfolio management centric culture, however with a stewardship mindset versus stardom of individuals. The firm’s investment style is truly active, fostering independent thinking and focusing on true credit quality rather than index compositions. Senior portfolio managers have an average of 10 years at Evli and 20 years' industry experience.

Active ESG approach

For us, responsible investing means in practice that environmental, social and governance factors (ESG factors) are integrated into portfolio management and our funds are managed in accordance with our Principles for Responsible Investment.

Responsible investing

Transparency and openness are the cornerstones of Evli’s responsible investment.

Owned by Evli Plc

Evli Fund Management Company Ltd is 100% owned by Evli Plc founded in 1985 and headquartered in Helsinki, Finland. Read more about Evli

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