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Fulfilling a necessary need in the market

Evli’s new global infrastructure fund offers clients a defensive investment opportunity with reliable cashflows and good return potential, while diversifying and lowering the overall risk of a portfolio.

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Missed the credit rally? Still want in, but not high risk? Go Nordic.

We’ve said it before: the rebound in European credit can be rapid and powerful. And it was…. but not for all. When investors wanted to hop back onto the bandwagon, they went straight for the most volatile and riskiest. This left even the high-quality areas lagging. We believe there is still room for the rally to run, but the upside is in the higher quality Nordic region, and this is especially helpful for investors who don’t want to dive into the riskier parts of credit.

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Green Bonds support corporates driving global change

Not so long ago, ESG investing was considered a fringe area of investing. Now the pandemic is forcing us to re-examine how we allocate our financial resources. To bring out another cliché during these ‘unprecedented times’, it feels like sustainability really is proving to be the ‘new normal’. Because now we have a sense of urgency.

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How Evli is designed to deal with uncertainties

A strong strategy can see a company through the toughest of situations. We sat down with Juhana Heikkilä, Senior Portfolio Manager, and Juhamatti Pukka, Head of Fixed Income, to discuss how the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic has affected their work as Evli portfolio managers.

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Perseverance the Key to Responsible Investing

In 2010, Evli Bank adopted the UN Principles for Responsible Investment. In the same year, Finland’s responsible investment association, Finsif, was established, and Evli had the honour of becoming one of its first Finnish asset manager members.

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Infographic: The Nordics

The Nordics are known for high quality of life, innovativeness, democracy and stability. The Nordic model combines social welfare and economic systems that match market economy and economic efficiency with social benefits and income distribution.

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Evli’s strategy remains in place despite the coronavirus

Evli has done an unprecedented exercise, with the introduction of a continuity plan, employees working remotely and new ways to stay in touch with clients. However, and despite the market turmoil, we have been able to keep all of our funds open and our operations running, and the staff has performed admirably in a difficult situation.

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Why pull-to-par opens up rare opportunity in the ultra-short end

No asset class was safe from the effects of the Covid-19 crisis. You’re probably wondering, “What about the bonds that mature next year?” Nope, not even them. While an equity investor barely breaks a sweat at a drop of -10% in a crisis, the March return of -2% in the very short-dated credit market was more of a shocking abnormality.

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How this mispricing could be a ‘short’ cut to great returns

What is normally the most resilient market in corporate credit? Short-dated credit. It’s been the place for safe, steady returns. But the Covid-19 crisis created a strange new bizarro world where up is down, left is right, and short-dated credit is the pain trade.

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