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Crossover credit in sweet spot of search for yield

The “low for longer” rates story is itself getting longer and longer. Which asset class is poised to benefit most? While we expect High Yield will provide the greater returns over the next 3 years, we believe crossover credit is best positioned to benefit from the ECB in the near term.

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Endgame for the high yield rally?

We called the bottom in high yield and a strong rally followed. Is it time to lighten up, or stay invested?  

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Transparency and openness as the cornerstones of our responsible investment

For us, responsible investing means in practice that ESG factors have been integrated into portfolio management. This is why we want to tell you about our way of investing responsibly and the recently published annual report.

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Video: Back to the Basics of investing

Rational decisions are the key to success in long term investing. Hans-Kristian Sjöholm, Head of Global Equities at Evli, describes the strategy with three principles to avoid emotionalism and speculation.

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The siren song inside the investor’s head

With their enchanting music, the Sirens lured sailors irresistibly to their island only to tear them to pieces. The investor need not have himself tied to the mast, but like Odysseus, he should prepare for the call of the sirens because “psychological sirens” sing their seductive songs inside the investor's head.

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Three biggest learnings from Benjamin Graham

In his book The Intelligent Investor, Graham describes several strategies that investors can use to maximise their success in the stock market. Here, we list three of our biggest learnings from the master of value investing. 

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Five things to look at when reading annual reports

Annual reports are an excellent source of information to research a stock. Here are the things to look out for when reading an annual report. 

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Because we are not homo economicus

Although investors should be nothing but logical, they often ignore the fundamentals and go astray while investing. We interviewed behavioural scientist Nicola Gennaioli to understand why investors fall into the trap of emotions and how to avoid them when making financial decisions.

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Infographic: The Nordic market

The Nordic economies are steady and growing. Get to know the 12th largest economy in the world.

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