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Perseverance the Key to Responsible Investing

In 2010, Evli Bank adopted the UN Principles for Responsible Investment. In the same year, Finland’s responsible investment association, Finsif, was established, and Evli had the honour of becoming one of its first Finnish asset manager members.

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Infographic: The Nordics

The Nordics are known for high quality of life, innovativeness, democracy and stability. The Nordic model combines social welfare and economic systems that match market economy and economic efficiency with social benefits and income distribution.

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Evli’s strategy remains in place despite the coronavirus

Evli has done an unprecedented exercise, with the introduction of a continuity plan, employees working remotely and new ways to stay in touch with clients. However, and despite the market turmoil, we have been able to keep all of our funds open and our operations running, and the staff has performed admirably in a difficult situation.

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Why pull-to-par opens up rare opportunity in the ultra-short end

No asset class was safe from the effects of the Covid-19 crisis. You’re probably wondering, “What about the bonds that mature next year?” Nope, not even them. While an equity investor barely breaks a sweat at a drop of -10% in a crisis, the March return of -2% in the very short-dated credit market was more of a shocking abnormality.

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How this mispricing could be a ‘short’ cut to great returns

What is normally the most resilient market in corporate credit? Short-dated credit. It’s been the place for safe, steady returns. But the Covid-19 crisis created a strange new bizarro world where up is down, left is right, and short-dated credit is the pain trade.

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Impact of COVID-19: How did the Nordic countries react?

The reaction to the virus outbreak was not one of denial at Nordic governments. The responses have been decisive, swift and wide to contain the first fall outs. Let's take a firm look in the rear–mirror on what the Nordic countries looked like when the crises set in.

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Evli fund managers among Europe’s elite

What makes a top-class portfolio manager? We posed this question to Evli’s Senior Portfolio Manager Jani Kurppa, who is rated in the top 1% of Europe’s fund managers. Here’s what he said.

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Interesting times but not the time for panic

The old curse, “May you live in interesting times,” is frighteningly appropriate now. But remember also, you may invest in interesting times. Although this is an unprecedented era for global finance, we remain calm and measured.

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The benefit of infrastructure in investors’ portfolios

Zero interest rates, pandemic fears and oil price wars aren’t making the job of an institutional investor any easier. Infrastructure is one asset class which may calm your worries.

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