Responsible investing

Evli’s primary responsibility is to achieve the best possible return on its clients’ investments. We believe that investors and companies that take responsibility issues into consideration will benefit in the long term. We have therefore integrated factors that affect the environment, society and governance (ESG factors) into Evli Wealth Management’s investment operations and our funds are managed in accordance with our Principles for Responsible Investment.

Climate change

Climate change and related practices have been made more prominent in Evli's investments. We have therefore published our Principles for Climate Change.

How to choose the right ESG strategy?

Choosing the right strategy is the key to all successful investing. This is how we, at Evli Fund Management, incorporate ESG in the investment process.

Evli-Easy ESG

“Evli discusses responsibility-related matters with companies and can exclude companies if corrective measures are not taken. Manufacturers of controversial weapons are always automatically excluded,” explains Outi Helenius, Head of Sustainability at Evli Bank Plc.

ESG strategy


1. Analysis

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  • Evli has ESG data on 6,500 companies in an internal database.
  • Each fund gets an ESG score that is calculated on the basis of individual companies’ responsibility evaluations and the MSCI database.
  • 77% of funds have a good or very good ESG score (December 31, 2019).

2. Monitoring and engagement

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  • The database contains information on adherence to international norms for 8,500 companies
  • We monitor our funds’ investments to make sure that the companies follow the principles of the United Nations Global Compact
  • The purpose of engagement with several companies is to change companies’ practices so that they become more responsible.

3. Exclusion

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  • Companies manufacturing controversial weapons (land mines, cluster bombs, depleted uranium, chemical and biological as well as nuclear weapons) are automatically excluded
  • Companies manufacturing tobacco with a 5% revenue threshold are excluded
  • It is also possible to exclude companies that violate ESG principles and that are not prepared to change their operations
  • Companies earning 30% or more of their revenues from thermal coal mining, use of the thermal coal in energy production or oil sands extraction. We may depart from this exclusion, if company has a concrete plan to change its procedures. Companies manufacturing peat for energy production are excluded.

4. Reporting

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  • Quarterly ESG reports on all of Evli’s equity and corporate bond funds. The reports contain the funds’ responsibility score, investments’ ESG rating distributions and the UN Global Compact classification, in other words whether the funds breach any norms
  • Evli’s responsible investment annual report that is published once a year.

Responsible investments annual report 2018

The responsible investment annual report contains the main themes and key figures of Evli Wealth Management´s responsible investments in 2018.

Read the report

Responsible investments principles

The principles of responsible investments define Evli Wealth Management’s approach to responsible investment and used methods.

Read the principles

Evli Fund Management Engagement Policy


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