A Bank specializing in investments

Evli is a bank specialized in investments that helps institutions, corporations and private persons increase their wealth. The company’s operations are divided into two segments. The Wealth Management and Investor Clients segment comprises conventional assets management and mutual funds as well as capital market services and alternative investment products. The Advisory and Corporate Client segment includes Corporate Finance advisory, management of incentive programs and the research service provided to companies. Evli also offers banking services that support clients’ investment operations. Owing to the comprehensive service palette of its segments, Evli can provide its clients with diverse product and service solutions to meet their specific needs.

Evli’s Factsheet

Long-term growth and development

Through its sensible and persistent work, Evli’s aim is to increase its shareholder value in the long term. The objective is not only to increase the company value but also to distribute competitive dividends on an annual basis.

The growth goals are supported by:

  • Steady growth in the sales of asset management services in the domestic market. In the domestic market Evli enjoys solid trust among its clients
  • Alongside traditional services models, heavy investments in the development of digital services
  • Succesful alternative investment product launches and positive development of sales
  • Owing to Evli’s expertise, the international fund sales have been positively received in the growing finance markets in Europe
  • Advisory and Corporate Clients segment’s steady growth
  • Evli’s solid solvency and constant cost-efficiency efforts.

Key figures

  Calculation of key ratios

Strategy - Simply Unique

Evli’s long-term target is to be a growing and profitable bank specialized in investments, which consolidates its position as a leading asset manager in Finland and engages in expanding international operations. The cornerstone of Evli’s strategy is to harness the company’s unique investment expertise by pursuing carefully defined strategies across an extensive geographical area.



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International growth with carefully selected funds

Evli has successfully established itself as a leading asset manager among Finnish affluent private individuals and institutions and one of the biggest fund houses in the country. The aim is to further strengthen the position as a leading asset manager.
Internationally Evli focuses on increasing the sales of selected funds to institutional investors through carefully selected partners. Evli is excellently placed where international sales are concerned, and the image of a high-quality Nordic fund management boutique is of interest to foreign investors. In addition, Evli benefits from the image of reliability and transparency associated with Nordic countries and for its agility and personalized service.

New products and services

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New and more comprehensive product and service offerings

In line with the strategy, the range of products and services is expanded through the continuous development of alternative investment products for private persons and institutions. Evli already offers several alternative investment products to Finnish investors. The aim is to make this asset class a significant source of revenue.

The service concept to corporations based on the creation of a unique system geared to increasing shareholder value is constantly being further developed. Companies are offered both corporate advice and services related to M&A activity, as well as management of incentive plans and corporate analyses. The aim is to increase sales of these services in Finland and Sweden.


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Digital service models to respond to market development

Evli invests heavily in the development of digital services alongside traditional service models, responding to the changing needs of its customers, enhancing its business performance and maintaining its competitiveness. Process automation, software robotics and the use of artificial intelligence are used to improve the efficiency of Evli's operations and to improve service offerings.

Customer experience

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Creating a superior customer experience

Evli’s vision is to ensure that it is perceived as “Simply Unique” in offering a high standard of service and an unsurpassed customer experience 24/7. The aim of the development of product and service concepts is to offer clients more flexible services with regard to individual needs and requirements. The key products and services consist of innovative institutional level products and services and a sound corporate culture based on Evli’s values; entrepreneurship, valuable relationships, integrity and learning.

CEO’s review

Evli's business developed steadily until late February and early March, when the coronavirus epidemic that emerged in China turned into a global pandemic that derailed the capital markets and rapidly weakened our earning power.

CEO's review 1-3/2020