Institutional Asset Management

Evli serves its clients in a professional and long-term manner. The success of our asset management is based on systematic and active investment operations.

Best and most used institutional asset manager

Institutional clients selected Evli as the best and most used  institutional asset manager in Finland in an independent client survey.

An expert in serving institutional clients

Award-winning portfolio managers provide professional asset management. Investments are diversified cost-efficiently in various investment instruments. We use empirically verified sources of additional return that improve the risk-adjusted return of the portfolio. We monitor your targets to ensure they are achieved in the best possible way in relation to the investment risks.

Together we plan how to increase your company’s or institution’s assets with your selected risk level. We use scenario analysis to evaluate the likelihood of your company or institution achieving its investment target with alternative investment strategies.

Best institutional asset manager in Finland 2019

For the fifth consecutive year, Evli was ranked as the best institutional asset manager in the recent KANTAR SIFO Prospera "External Asset Management Finland 2019" -survey.

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Finland’s most inspiring workplaces

Evli was again awarded as one of Finland’s most inspiring workplaces and received a 6th place among mid-sized organizations

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Portfolio management

At Evli we make use of empirically proven additional sources of income that improve the portfolio’s risk-adjusted return. Our active and systematic portfolio management benefits from the use of quantitative analysis. We constantly check that our client’s objectives are being fulfilled optimally with reference to the investment risks.

Cornerstones of investment activity

  • We base our investment strategies on academic and empirical research
  • Quantitative methods and systematic investment processes also play a central role in our investment strategy
  • Investors are compensated when they invest in cyclical risk premiums. A long-term approach ensures the best possible investment return.

Added value through active asset management

  • With tactical allocation, we overweight or underweight investment classes according to the prevailing market conditions
  • We select cost-effective investments that produce better returns than market indexes in the long term
  • We diversify investments among different sources of additional return in order to improve the portfolio’s risk-return ratio.

Responsible investing

Evli's responsible investing consists of taking into account responsibility issues in investment decisions and engaging with target companies.


Evli's primary responsibility is to achieve the best possible return on our customers' investments. We believe that investors and companies that take account of sustainability factors will benefit in the long term. As a result, factors affecting the environment, society and governance (ESG factors) have been integrated into Evli's investment activities and portfolio management.


Our experts take care of your institution’s wealth in the best possible way. You can trust that we want to build long-term relationship with you.