Services for companies & entrepreneurs

Successful entrepreneurs often accumulate assets both within their companies and outside of them. We will help you form an overall understanding of the various components of your assets, and of the goals and risks associated with entrepreneurship.

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We will help in among others valuing your business and planning your ownership strategy.

Based on your goals we will create an investment strategy that balances the risks of operational business functions and that will achieve your investment goals with the highest possible likelihood. As a part of asset management for entrepreneurs, we often build upon capital reserves that can be used to secure the continuity of business operations in order to prepare for fast changes taking place in the industry or company.

"It is worth transferring a company’s values and competence to a new generation of entrepreneurs well in advance."

Esa Pensala,Head of Asset Management

Someone to talk to and trust

We often act as someone for our entrepreneur clients to talk to and trust in the many phases of a company’s lifecycle. We have many years of experience in M&A, financial restructuring and asset management, and it is natural to help clients in wealth appraisals, ownership strategy planning and the assessment of strategic alternatives.

Entrepreneur families and generational changes

We help entrepreneur families in cross-generational planning and generational changes. We have also designed and implemented training plans for younger generations of entrepreneurs that are intended to prepare for the next generational changes on a long-term basis.

Sale of company

Evli has long experience in corporate and financial transactions in various sectors. As a Private Banking client, you can discuss the topic with an expert free of charge.

Corporate wealth appraisals

The operational company often makes up the majority of an entrepreneur’s assets. It is worth determining its value in order to work out the entrepreneur’s overall assets even if there are no plans to sell the company. If your company earns annual profits of more than one million euros, we will provide you with a more detailed wealth appraisal free of charge. Come and talk to us, there is no commitment or obligation.