Evli Infrastructure Fund I

Infrastructure is a defensive asset class that has withstood cyclical fluctuations well. Thanks to its strong cash flow, it has also performed well throughout the economic cycle. Our fund invests in infrastructure projects, which include e.g. water and gas companies, social infrastructure serving society, telecommunications companies such as telecommunications networks and data centers, roads and ports, energy production and distribution companies, and renewable energy.

Good return potential across cycles

Infrastructure investment portfolios, diversified across funds and vintage years, have offered strong return potential to investors throughout the economic cycle.

A diversified global portfolio

Evli Infrastructure Fund I has a global investment strategy and targets diversification across 7-10 infrastructure funds. These invest in 10-15 projects on average, the fund thus having  a total of 80-120 underlying investments.

Defensive assets with strong cash flows

Infrastructure investments typically provide strong and stable yield, partial inflation protection, and low correlation with other asset classes. These characteristics reduce the asset class’s vulnerability to changes in the economic cycle.

Access to highest quality funds

Evli Infrastructure Fund I offers a way to invest in carefully selected and hard-to-access infrastructure funds with a much smaller investment amount (minimum subscription
€ 100 000).

Growing global demand

Population growth, urbanisation and renewable energy transition all contribute to a rapidly increasing global need for infrastructure investment in the 2020’s. Private capital plays an increasingly important role in fulfilling this need.

Experienced investment team

The portfolio management team is very experienced, and has an excellent track record of implementing its investment process, which is fully aligned with the Fund’s investment strategy.

NB! This product is intended for professional investors and a limited number of non-professional clients who make an investment of at least € 100,000 and who are considered to have an adequate understanding of the fund and its investment activities.

Fund terms

Fund (AIF) Evli Infrastructure Fund I Ky
Legal structure

Finnish limited partnership (kommandiittiyhtiö)

Fund manager (AIFM)

Evli Fund Management Company Ltd

Geographic focus Global
Investment focus Private infrastructure funds (primary, secondary, co-invest)
Strategy Fund-of-funds
Fund term 14 years
Investment period 4 years
Traget return 7-9 % p.a. net IRR*
Minimum investment 100 000 euros
Target size 100-200 million euros
Marketing The fund is authorised for marketing in Finland and Spain

* internal rate of return 

Fund's expenses and other supplementary information are available in the Key Investor Information Document.

Suitable for investors:

  • who wants to easily get a well-distributed allocation to non-listed infrastructure
  • who wants to get diversification benefits in the investment portfolio by adding an asset class that has a low correlation with other asset classes
  • who seeks good risk-adjusted returns and cash flow in the long run
  • who seek capital preservation in an asset class that has withstood economic cycles well
  • who accepts the low liquidity of infrastructure investments and the long term of the fund
  • who accepts that the fund unit cannot be redeemed prematurely and that there is no organised secondary market for it
  • For a professional investors and a limited number of non-professional clients who are considered to have an adequate understanding of the fund and its investment activities

Why invest in Evli Infrastructure Fund I?

Infrastructure has become one of the main categories of alternative assets that is growing strongly. The fund invests in unlisted infrastructure assets via high quality private funds globally .

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