Evli is again one of Finland’s most inspiring workplaces

Evli has been selected as one of the most inspiring workplaces in Finland in 2023 in a survey of employees conducted by Eezy Flow. Evli achieved excellent results in the PeoplePower® employee survey, which is conducted annually for hundreds of Finnish organisations, and was ranked 8th place in the category of medium-sized organisations.

The most inspiring workplaces in Finland recognition shows that Evli continuously invests in developing its operations by listening to employees' views on issues important to the company. The employees are enthusiastic, motivated, and dedicated to working towards the company's goals and growing the business. In addition, they have strong confidence in the decision-making ability of the management team.

"An enthusiastic, motivated and dedicated personnel is a huge asset."

At Evli, particular attention has been paid to training and personnel development, and the staff have been offered lectures on well-being, interpersonal skills, and self-management. Additionally, Evli has offered training and information sessions on artificial intelligence.

"We received valuable feedback from our personnel through the PeoplePower® employee survey, which provided supervisors and HR with tools for leadership and developing well-being at work. Over the past year, we have focused particularly on skills development, for example by providing training and exploring new ways to use artificial intelligence. It has been a pleasure to see how teams have seized the opportunities offered by artificial intelligence and shared their learnings with other teams. An enthusiastic, motivated and dedicated personnel is a huge asset," says Mari Etholén, Evli's HR and Legal Director.

Work satisfaction is at a very high level at Evli and the participation rate was high. 87 percent of the employees participated in the survey. Based on the results, Evli has been successful in the efficiency of decision-making, developing workplace wellbeing and enhancing internal flow of information. In the PeoplePower® classification, Evli got AA+, which is the second-best rating. The PeoplePower® index for overall work satisfaction was 80.0 at Evli, which clearly exceeds Finnish expert standard (72.3). The PeoplePower® index is an indicator used by Eezy Spirit to measure, among other things, commitment, leadership and performance.

Finland’s most inspiring workplaces acknowledgement is granted for the Finnish companies reaching the best results in the PeoplePower® employee survey carried out by Eezy Flow. Eezy Flow conducts the survey for hundreds of Finnish organisations each year, with almost 200,000 people responding each year.

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For more information, please contact:

Mari Etholén, Head of HR and Legal Affairs, Evli Plc, tel. +358 40 591 0432, mari.etholen@evli.com