Evli Impact Forest Fund I

Forestry is a defensive asset class with good return potential, which withstands market cycles. Evli Impact Forest Fund I strives to mitigate climate change by achieving positive carbon impacts. The Fund invests in leading unlisted forest funds globally that manage and develop forest assets. The aspiration is to diversify investments widely between different investment strategies, portfolio managers, geographical areas, industries, and tree species.

Positive carbon impact to mitigate climate change

Forestry is an effective and low-cost way to remove and store atmospheric CO2. Carbon sequestered by the fund will be measured and reported annually.

Higher long-term return potential

A global forestry fund of funds has a higher expected return than Scandinavian forestry because trees grow faster in target geographies.

Defensive investment that provides inflation hedge

Forest investments withstand economic fluctuations well and have a  low correlation to other asset classes.

Access to the world´s leading forestry funds

Through the fund, you can invest in carefully selected and difficult to access global forest funds with low risk.

Wood price development positive in the long run

Population growth, urbanization and growth of ecological construction increases wood demand, which is growing faster than supply.

Very experienced investment team

The team has an excellent knowledge of forest funds and their selection, as well as good results in implementing the investment process. The team leader has been investing globally in forestry since 2004.


NB! This product is intended for professional investors and a limited number of non-professional clients who make an investment of at least € 100,000 and who are considered to have an adequate understanding of the fund and its investment activities.

Fund terms

Fund (AIF) Evli Impact Forest Fund I
Legal structure Finnish limited partnership (kommandiittiyhtiö)
Fund manager (AIFM) Evli Fund Management Company Ltd
Geographic focus Global
Investment focus Private commercial forestry funds (primary and secondary), selected for positive carbon impact with attractive returns
Strategy Fund-of-funds
Fund term 14 years (plus 1 x 3 year extension)
Investment period 3 years
Target return 6-8% p.a. net IRR*
Minimum investment  EUR 100,000
Target size  EUR 100 million

* internal rate of return

Fund's expenses and other supplementary information are available in the Key Investor Information Document.

Suitable for investors:

  • who wish to reduce the carbon footprint of their investment activities through an impact investment
  • who are seeking to easily construct a well-diversified portfolio in non-listed forestry
  • who seek the diversification benefits of adding an asset class that has low correlation to equities and bonds, but can act as an inflation hedge
  • who seek good risk-adjusted returns and cash flow in the long run
  • who seek capital preservation in an asset class that has withstood economic cycles well
  • who accept the low liquidity of forestry investments and the long term of the fund
  • who accept that the fund unit cannot be redeemed prematurely and that there is no organized secondary market for it
  • For professional investors and a limited number of non-professional clients who are considered to have an adequate understanding of the fund and its investment activities

Why invest in Evli Impact Forest Fund I ?

Forestry investments are a secure and most cost-effective solution to effectively remove atmospheric CO2. The fund offers a globally diversified investment in an interesting real estate category as well as access to the world’s leading forest funds.

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