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Evli Funds - a Nordic active boutique manager

Evli Fund Management Company Ltd is a Nordic fund management boutique established in 1989 focusing on institutional investors. Our investment process is systematic and characterized by both quantitative methods and qualitative assessments. Rigorous discipline ensures repeatability of the investment process. Our Funds are actively managed with an ESG overlay, a long time-perspective and a focus on free cash flow. On average, senior portfolio managers have worked at Evli for 10 years and have 20 years’ industry experience.

Mutual funds

Corporate bond and other fixed income

Our corporate bond knowledge originates back to the same time as the evolution of the European bond market. The first of the family’s funds was launched in 1999. Since then, the funds have performed excellently against their peers, both in bull and bear markets. In our corporate bond family, the investment philosophy is based on capital protection and creditworthiness.

Global equities

The unique philosophy is based on investing in underpriced companies with good long-term cash flow and strong debt coverage. The philosophy pinpoints the importance of discipline in stock selection. The result of the process is a portfolio that deviates strongly from the benchmark. Our approach provides the opportunity to achieve good long-term returns without the need for perfect timing.

Equity Factors

Investments are based on ERI Scientific Beta’s factor indices, which focus on four academically determined factors: value, low risk, momentum and quality. The indices apply an exclusion principle for a reduced carbon footprint. The funds invest in the equities of major European and US companies.


Emerging markets

We focus on those emerging markets that are characterized by rapid growth, and on those companies in the target countries that our analysis shows are benefitting from rising consumer demand.

Efficient exchange of fund due diligence information

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Institutional sales contacts

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Finnish fund structure - tax and fee transparency

Non-resident unitholders are tax exempt

Under most double tax agreements Finland has concluded, fund dividends are not subject to Finnish withholding tax. Non-resident unit holders are not liable to pay tax on capital gains from units of Finnish funds.

No transfer taxes, stamp duty, capital duty

No transfer tax is payable in Finland on the transfer of the units of an investment fund. No capital duties are payable in connection with the subscription of units where such units are issued by a fund.

No hidden fees

Total Expense Ratio (TER) equals management fee for all funds that don’t have a performance fee. In case of a performance fee, it will be charged to the fund holder. All other costs are levied on the fund management company.

Professional investors only

The information herein is not intended for retail clients or other individuals and such persons should not rely upon it. Please note that all information on this Site is available in English only.

Categories of clients who are considered to be professionals:

  1. Entities authorised to participate on the financial markets
  2. Large undertakings meeting two of the following three requirements:
    • a balance sheet total pursuant to the balance sheet equivalent to not less than EUR 20 000 000;
    • net turnover pursuant to the balance sheet equivalent to not less than EUR 40 000 000; and
    • shareholders´ equity pursuant to the balance sheet equivalent to not less than EUR 2 000 000
  3. Countries, regions, national and regional authorities, public bodies that manage public debt, central banks and the European Central Bank, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and other similar international and supranational organisations,
  4. Institutional investors other than those above whose main activity is to invest in financial instruments, including undertakings dedicated to securitizing of assets or other financial transactions.

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