Video: Evli Alternative Insights - Private Equity


What is the market outlook for private equity and where are some of the biggest growth opportunities? When is the best time to invest? Join our experts to find out!

Evli Alternative Insights, episode 3: Private Equity

Evli Alternative Insights is an 9-part video series hearing from investment experts across the field – all the way from infrastructure to real estate, forestry and beyond. Join us and subscribe here.

Key content: 

01:00 What added value can investing in private equity bring to an investor's portfolio?

02:38 Key reasons for private equity performing relatively stable in current market?

04:58 What kind of advice would you give to someone considering investing in private equity?

06:36 ESG in private equity, are there possible differences across markets?

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Episode 2: Private Debt

Special episode: Private Equity Insights with Harvard professor Josh Lerner

Episode 4: Forestry

Episode 5: Growth Equity

Special episode: Sustainability in private assets

Episode 6: Real Estate

Episode 7: Renewable energy

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