Economic security for post-active career athletes

Aurator has long experience in the asset management of professional sportspeople and the special demands it imposes. There are many top athletes amongst our clientele. In addition, we administer a fund for athletic training and professional advancement, the purpose of which is to ensure a stable income for sportspeople also after their active careers have ended.

We assist our athletic clients in all matters linked with asset management. For example, the taxation questions of a competitive athlete abroad or post-career income-related planning are part of our comprehensive range of services.

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Athletes’ Training and Professional Advancement Foundation (Suomen urheilijoiden koulutus- ja ammatinedistämissäätiö)

Aurator administers the Finnish Athletes’ Training and Professional Advancement Foundation’s fund. The purpose of the foundation is to advance and support the training of athletes as well as graduate diploma certification for careers, professional development and adapting otherwise to post-sports career life.