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Legacy - creating the next generation of portfolio managers

Why does legacy matter, both in the investment industry and on a wider scale? How is legacy interpreted, how can it be embedded in the ways of working to empower employees? 

At Evli legacy shows as deep-rooted fixed income competence. We share knowledge between generations and carry it forward together, in a culture that continuously seeks to learn new things.

Top 1% of European fund managers

Head of Fixed Income Juhamatti Pukka and Senior Portfolio Manager Jani Kurppa are both ranked in the top percentile in Citywire's Euro Stars comparison that covers 16,500 names*.


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What is Legacy?

Legacy is about having the judgement to make the right decisions, and then being brave enough to back yourself. It’s about knowing when to strike and when to back off. Right Juhamatti?


Star manager Jani Kurppa - an example of legacy

Portfolio Manager_Jani Kurppa Senior Portfolio Manger Jani Kurppa is one of Evli's star managers. We sat down to talk to him about what it takes to be a Portfolio Manager today, how the industry has changed over the past few years, and what keeps him going at Evli. Read the interview.



A high ranking is proof of consistency and long-term performance. It is also about the track record of your daily work.

- Juhamatti Pukka, Head of Fixed Income

What role does legacy play in shaping success - Listen to the Evli Podcast!

In this second series of the Evli Podcast we will explore the role of legacy in our industry, talk about why it is important and dive into Evli’s interpretation of the concept of legacy. Listen to our experts!

Episode 1: The secret of success

Juhamatti Pukka, Evli’s very talented Head of Fixed Income and also the youngest triple A-rated portfolio manager, talks about what it takes to become a successful portfolio manager an must have skills going forward. 

Listen below or download transcript >

Episode 2: Legacy

Two members of the Evli team from different generations, Juhamatti Pukka, Head of Fixed Income, with more than 10 years of experience at Evli, and Maunu Lehtimäki, the CEO who has been with the company for nearly 25 years takes a deeper dive into the very core values of Evli, legacy and why these are important, both in our industry and on a wider scale.

Listen below or download transcript >

Episode 3: The rankings

Our host Petter von Bonsdorff meets Citywire’s Dr Nisha Long, with more than 14 years of experience with the company, in London. They take a look at the metodology, discuss the impact ratings can have on companies and the industry in general, as well as the relevance of ratings in an ever-changing world.

Listen below or download transcript >


Citywire EuroStar managers:


Juhamatti Pukka

  • MSc (Econ), Head of Fixed Income, Portfolio Manager
  • 36 years old, born in Tampere, Finland
  • Working in fixed income markets since 2008
  • Portfolio manager of the Evli Short Corporate Bond fund
  • Outside of work Juhamatti is a keen player of ice hockey and also enjoys hunting

Jani Kurppa

  • Msc (Econ), Senior Portfolio Manager
  • 43 years old, born in Salo, Finland
  • 15 years’ experience in the fixed income markets
  • Portfolio manager of the Evli Nordic Corporate Bond fund
  • Ranked in the top percentile of European fund managers
  • Enjoys cross country skiing and orienteering outside of work

* Citywire’s Euro Stars comparison lists the top 250 fund managers across all asset classes drawn from Citywire’s database covering 16,500 names.

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