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Evli Corporate Bond

Long-term fixed income fund that invests in European corporate bonds with both low and high credit ratings

Evli Corporate Bond Fund is a long-term corporate bond fund that invests mainly in euro-denominated bonds issued by European companies. Assets of the fund may also be invested in bonds issued by member states of the OECD or by non-European companies whose domicile is in a member state of the OECD. Investments are made in bonds with both higher (Investment Grade) and lower (High Yield) credit ratings, and the average credit rating of the bonds is at least BBB- or an equivalent rating of the same risk level. Under neutral market conditions, the aim is to invest 75% of the assets in Investment Grade bonds and 25% of the assets in High Yield bonds. If the fund invests in other than euro-denominated corporate bonds, currency derivatives are used to hedge against currency risk.

Evli does not charge a subscription fee for the funds. See the redemption and switch fees here.