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Balanced Funds

Evli’s balanced funds invest in a combination of equities and fixed income instruments. The focus of the investments in equities and fixed income investments is adjusted from time to time according to the market conditions.

Investment object and risks

The return expectation and risk level of balanced funds falls somewhere in between that of equity and fixed income funds.

When the outlook on the equity markets is promising, equity exposure is increased and the focus on fixed income investments is decreased. When the outlook on the equity markets weakens, the focus on fixed income investments is increased and equity exposure is decreased.

With active portfolio management the higher return expectation of equity funds and the stability and moderate risk level of fixed income investments are combined in the funds.

Recommended investment horizon

4 years or more

Fund values

Return since the fund launch is annualized (p.a.) for periods longer than 12 months. If the fund has operated for less than 12 months, the return is in absolute terms since the start of operations.

Fund Risk Value Yield % 1 day Value date Morningstar Yield % Year-to-Date Yield % 1 y Yield % p.a. 3 y Yield % p.a. 5 y
Evli Finland Mix 7.236 EUR 0.15 31.07.2015 7.92 8.60 8.97 5.68
Evli Global Asset Allocation 101.497 EUR -0.07 31.07.2015 2.14 2.52 1.12 -0.23
Evli Global Multi Manager 40 177.186 EUR -0.13 31.07.2015 6.35 11.16 9.14 5.50
Evli Global Multi Manager 75 166.497 EUR -0.28 31.07.2015 10.71 18.58 13.85 8.04