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Equities & ETFs are suitable for independent investors

Use shares and ETFs to invest according to your outlook. We offer a way to cost-effectively benefit from the selection available in the world’s largest stock exchanges.

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Equities & ETFs

The Evli Trader trading service provides everything you need for efficient trading with shares and ETFs: stock exchange lists, share price graphs and portfolio information. In addition to NASDAQ OMX Helsinki, the world’s most important markets including NYSE, NASDAQ, Deutsche Börse, NASDAQ OMX Stockholm and NASDAQ OMX Copenhagen are within reach.

Just like shares, ETFs are traded during stock exchanges’ normal trading sessions.

Evli’s team of analysts will assist you by providing analyses of the key sectors and the companies that operate in these in the Nordic countries.

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Do they suit me?

Shares are suitable for risk-seeking investors. ETFs include high and low risk products.

What is the fee?

OMX Helsinki: 0.05 %, minimum € 7/order. All prices are listed here.

How do I invest?

You can invest using the Evli Trader trading service in My Evli. In order to invest, you must be a client of the Evli Trader trading service.

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No returns without risk

Shares are a good choice if you are not averse to risk. Shares are well-suited for investors who can tolerate substantial changes in value when seeking high returns. The return potential of shares consists of annual dividends and value increase. ETFs are funds which are listed on a stock exchange and which provide the combined benefits of investing in shares and funds. ETFs offer flexibility, transparency of investments, good risk diversification and reasonable total expenses.