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What is Evli?

Evli is a Finnish bank that specializes in investment. With 240 investment experts and 30 years in the business, Evli has a huge amount of expertise at its disposal. We manage over EUR 6.3 billion in client assets (December 2014). We have offices in Helsinki, Turku, Stockholm, Tallinn and Moscow.

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Financial Statement 2014

Evli achieved solid financial performance during the 2014 financial year. Our operating profit improved 46 percent.

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Annual Report & Financial Review 2013

2013 was a successful year for Evli in many ways. Our financial performance was solid, and our market position in wealth management
strengthened substantially.

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Investment Idea of the Month

Our experts are familiar with the markets and know which are the wisest investments at any particular time.

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Evli Visio brings you monthly updates with news, new services and products and investment ideas.

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