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Rational decisions avoiding emotions and focusing on undervalued companies with strong free cash flow

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Video: Back to the Basics of investing

Rational decisions are the key to success in long term investing. Hans-Kristian Sjöholm, Head of Global Equities at Evli, describes the strategy with three principles to avoid emotionalism and speculation.

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Three biggest learnings from Benjamin Graham

In his book The Intelligent Investor, Graham describes several strategies that investors can use to maximise their success in the stock market. Here, we list three of our biggest learnings from the master of value investing. 

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Five things to look at when reading annual reports

Annual reports are an excellent source of information to research a stock. Here are the things to look out for when reading an annual report. 

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Because we are not homo economicus

Although investors should be nothing but logical, they often ignore the fundamentals and go astray while investing. We interviewed behavioural scientist Nicola Gennaioli to understand why investors fall into the trap of emotions and how to avoid them when making financial decisions.

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