Factor investing

Higher return, better diversification, lower costs – with a smarter sustainable approach

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The siren song inside the investor’s head

With their enchanting music, the Sirens lured sailors irresistibly to their island only to tear them to pieces. The investor need not have himself tied to the mast, but like Odysseus, he should prepare for the call of the sirens because “psychological sirens” sing their seductive songs inside the investor's head.

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Field guide to factor investing

Factor investing simplified. Here’s a quick guide on the concept. 

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4 factors that make you a successful investor

There are several factors that can be used, but only a handful of them have the academic community’s nod. 

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Making sense of factor investing

Return enhancement, risk reduction and lower costs are the primary objectives for the use of smart beta. But what is smart beta and why does it matter?

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Factor investing – already too popular?

Up to 60 % of the institutional investors in Europe have made allocations to smart beta products. At least according to the respondents of FTSE Russell’s recently published annual Smart beta investor survey. The share of European institutions investing in smart beta has grown steadily from 40% in 2015 and 52% in 2016. 

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