Return potential of active management combined with cost levels closer to passive management.


Factors with a robust academic foundation have outperformed
markets, thus producing alpha for the patient investor.


ESG integrated into investment process.


Suitable for the core part of the equity portfolio, as well as
tactical asset allocation.

Combining active and passive investing

  • Lower fees than a traditional fund – active returns at a lower cost.
  • Factor portfolios offer better diversification than traditional market indices – less stock specific risk and broader diversification among large, mid and small caps.

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Strong performance

  • Academic research shows robust evidence that factors offer high expected returns in the long run.

  • Factor funds have a lower total cost structure than traditional active management - resulting in higher net-of-fees performance.

A smarter sustainable approach

Best-in-class ESG approach – investments only in most responsible companies.

Excluding companies producing alcohol, weapons, tobacco, gambling, adult entertainment and thermal coal.

Excluding companies violating UN Global Compact principles based on MSCI ESG as well as MSCI red flags excluded.

Quarterly ESG reports on responsibility, ratings and violations.

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Nordic factor investing pioneer

  • Evli was among the first fund managers in Europe to launch factor funds
  • Evli’s factor investing philosophy is based on a robust academic foundation.
  • Experienced factor team of 3 persons with a total of 40 years in the industry and a strong quantitative background
  • Peer group comparison puts Evli Equity Factor Europe among top multi-factor funds in Europe over 3 years*

Morningstar 4Star_Seal_OverallRating

*Source: Evli, Bloomberg, Morningstar 31.5.2016-31.5.2019. As at 30.8.2019, Evli Equity Factor Europe holds a 4-star Morningstar rating for its 3-year performance.

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Evli Equity Factor Europe / Evli Equity Factor USA



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How to subscribe

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Risk factors to be considered

The main risk is equity market risk.

Other risk factors are liquidity risk and management risk.

The investor is urged to view the Key Investor Information Document and the fund prospectus for a detailed view of the risks to which the fund is exposed.

Portfolio managers

Peter Lindahl

Lindahl Peter_400x400
Senior Portfolio Manager

Antti Sivonen

Senior Portfolio Manager

Mattias Lagerspetz

Portfolio Manager

Professional investors only

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