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Responsibility and transparency coursing through our Nordic veins

The role is continuously changing as ESG investing is evolving. Many say they are doing it, but how do you know it's true?  And when does it really matter and what lessons can be shared with those at the beginning of the change? 

A culture of ESG must course through the veins of a company.


Finland's best expertise in responsible investment*

Evli has been awarded the SFR "Responsible Investment Award 2021" for the best expertise in responsible investing in asset management in Finland.

*SFR Scandinavian Financial Research, ”Institutional Investment Services Finland 2021”

ESG should be integrated into the daily work of every fund manager, analyst and person working at a company – that's what we do at Evli."

- Maunu Lehtimäki, CEO

A commitment to responsible investment makes good business sense

Responsible investment and ESG integration is a systematic part of the way we operate. We believe in science, and unless there is a dramatic reduction in carbon emissions, the environment in many sectors will become unlivable. This will have serious implications for many companies around the world.

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Roles of responsible investment and ESG put under the microscope - Listen to the Evli Podcast!

The third series of the Evli Podcast explores the changing role of ESG and responsible investment in the asset management industry. We discuss the importance of transparency and clarity, both when implementing ESG and when doing ESG reporting. Tune in!

Episode 1: The changing role of responsible investing and ESG

What’s the difference between greenwashing and a coherent ESG strategy? Evli’s Head of Sustainability, Outi Helenius, and Head of Institutional clients, Kim Pessala, dissect the matter together with host Petter von Bonsdorff. 

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Episode 2: Does responsible investing and ESG narrow investment spaces?

Host Petter von Bonsdorff is joined by Evli's Tomas Hildebrant, a Senior Portfolio Manager, and Janne Kujala, Head of Nordic Equities. The three take a deep dive into the company’s way of implementing ESG and responsible investing, before discussing how ESG strategies can offer new opportunities without hampering portfolio results. 

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Episode 3: An external perspective

In this last episode, we are joined by Philip Kalus, who has almost 30 years of experience in the asset management industry, and is the  founder and managing partner of Accelerando Intelligence. He helps us in gaining a wider understanding of the metrics and methods of compiling ESG reports.

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Net zero asset manager by 2050

Evli's new climate targets aim to make a real impact on investments, businesses and the industry. Evli aims to halve the carbon emissions of its investments by 2030 and targets to be net zero by 2050 at the latest. At the same time, the role of sustainability at Evli is being strengthened with the first ever appointment of the Head of Sustainability to the fund management company’s Board of Directors.

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What does responsibility look like?

Is it about a sustainable future, about creating ethical work environments? Or is it about putting client interests first and giving clients the opportunity to make the most informed decisions possible? Maybe about acting in ways that makes us proud of our legacy?

Find out from our people, who implement responsibility in their daily work!


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