Incentive plan design

We offer advisory services related to design, benchmark and implementation of shareholder value creating incentive programs.

Our services

Incentive programs

Long-term and short-term incentive programs

Remuneration strategies

Remuneration policy, remuneration reports and target group communication

Compensation surveys

Top executive salary analyzes, director compensation reports and tailored compensation reports


Personnel funds

Consultancy on the establishment of funds and, when needed, the design and implementation of the funding remuneration scheme, as well as the administration and wealth management of the fund

Partnerships and clients

We act as advisors to many types of companies, in all the stages in the business' development, from start-up companies to large listed companies.

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Contact information

The company employs experienced and highly educated experts from various fields, that can answer the most demanding questions from the client company as well as the incentive plan participants. View all experts