Maximize the chances of achieving your investment goals

Your life situation, revenue expectations and your risk all affect your investment strategy. Our task is to help you achieve your personal investment goals with the highest possible likelihood.

1. Goals

We help you to work out what you want to achieve with your assets and when. A private investor’s investment goals might be for example buying a property, a supplementary monthly income during retirement, financial independence, protection of capital or its transfer to future generations.

There are countless personal life goals and they create concrete requirements for cash flow and capital for the entire investment horizon.

2. Current situation

We will go through your current assets with you to gain an understanding of the investment capital that is available to achieve your goals. Only a part of these assets are usually made up of traditional investment assets. An understanding of the big picture helps to create an investment portfolio which will balance the risks for the remaining assets.

3. Scenario analyses

We use scenario analyses to calculate the likelihood that various investment strategies will achieve your investment targets. After this we select a strategy that best suits your investment targets and risk preferences.

4. Implementation

We continuously monitor the achievement of targets after the strategy has been selected and the appropriate portfolio has been created. We also regularly assess changes in life goals and risk preferences.