Equities and ETFs

You can trade shares and ETFs in our digital trading service in My Evli. The main markets in the Nordic countries, Germany and the USA are at your fingertips. Get the latest information and Evli's high-quality share analyzes from the homepage. Course information is available with a 15 minutes delay. On the share page, real-time exchange information (OMX Helsinki and Stockholm) is displayed free of charge when loading the page.

My Evli

Login to My Evli and start trading. 

Invest independently

Evli helps you execute your investment strategy efficiently and effortlessly. The My Evli onlineservice allows you to invest independently. It offers free analyses, reviews and an up-to-date overview of your investments.

Structured investmentproducts

Structured products enable you to build risk and return profiles that balance the rest of your investment portfolio. Through Evli you can invest in regularly offered public or personally tailored structured products.

Mutual funds

Evli’s funds, which are popular with institutional investors, offer a tax-effective way of executing your investment views globally.

Digital service 24/7

You can monitor the performance of your assets around the clock in the My Evli online service. If necessary, you can also get help from our Investor Service by telephone, chat and e-mail.

Accounts and deposits

In addition to a bank account we can offer time deposits. Minimum deposit EUR 1,000.

Equity analyses

We analyze Finnish equities comprehensively, focusing in particular on small caps. Our research is based on financial statement analyses, reference company valuations, meetings with company managers and our own tools, such as scenario analysis.

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