Past performance or value development charts for funds

    The past performance or value development charts shows the fund's return as a percentage loss or gain per year over the last 5 or 10 years relative to its benchmark. It can help to assess how the fund has been managed in the past and compare it with its benchmark. Past performance does not allow reliable assumptions to be made about future performance or value. Markets may develop very differently in the future.

    You can read the performance charts via the links below.

    Corporate bond and fixed income

    Evli European High Yield

    Evli European Investment Grade

    Evli Emerging Markets Credit

    Evli Leveraged Loan

    Evli Euro Liquidity

    Evli Green Corporate Bond

    Evli Short Corporate Bond

    Evli Nordic 2025 Target Maturity

    Evli Nordic Corporate Bond

    Evli Target Maturity Nordic Bond 2023

    Evli Euro Government Bond

    Evli Corporate Bond

    Global equities

    Evli Europe

    Evli GEM

    Evli Japan

    Evli Global

    Evli Global X

    Evli North America

    Evli Nordic

    Nordic equities

    Evli Sweden Equity Index

    Evli Swedish Small Cap

    Evli Nordic Small Cap

    Evli Finnish Small Cap

    Evli Finland Select

    Factor funds

    Evli Equity Factor Global

    Evli Equity Factor Europe

    Evli Equity Factor USA

    Evli USA Growth

    Emerging markets

    Evli Emerging Frontier fund

    Asset allocation solutions

    Evli Finland Mix

    Evli Global Multi Manager 30

    Evli Global Multi Manager 50