Our Funds

Our funds are actively managed with an ESG overlay, a long time-perspective and focus on free cash flow.

Corporate Bond and Other Fixed Income

Our range covers European corporate bonds in all maturity and creditworthiness classes, including emerging market corporate bonds in western currencies. We focus on positive cash flow to companies that are reducing their level of indebtedness and improving their loan servicing ability. Evli is one of Europe’s leading fixed income asset managers.

Global Equities

Our portfolio management applies a disciplined and systematic approach to equity selection in developed markets. We invest in advantageously priced companies that have a good, long-term cash flow and debt servicing ability. Evli has been recognized as one of the best asset managers investing in European equities. Watch video describing the investment strategy.

Nordic Equities

Our equity picks are based on thorough corporate analysis and company visits. Our portfolio management also leverages our long experience of the market to invest in SMEs with significant return potential. This has resulted in pragmatically constructed funds in which each company pick is meaningful.

Factor Funds

Evli’s factor investing philosophy is based on a robust academic foundation. Investments are based on academically determined factors, like value, momentum, carry and trend. Utilizing disciplined rules, a systematic process and a sensible diversification scheme will enhance risk-adjusted returns. Our equity factor funds are based on ERI Scientific Beta’s factor indices, which also apply a low-carbon exclusion principle. Our market neutral factor fund (AIF) harvests factors in all major asset classes. 

Emerging Markets

We focus on those emerging markets that are characterized by rapid growth, and on those companies in the target countries that our analysis shows are benefiting from rising consumer demand.

Asset Allocation Solutions

An actively-managed overall solution in a tax-effective package. In allocating the asset classes we use modeling techniques to minimize the effects of human factors and aim for good risk-adjusted returns.