Trainee Programs in Helsinki

Evli has organized three popular Trainee programs each year since 2008. Each program lasts three months and they take place in the spring, summer and fall. In the summer program, a trainee works at least in two different positions, and in the spring and fall programs a trainee gains more in-depth professional skills in a single position.

The summer program is intended for students in the early or middle stages of their studies, and the fall and spring programs for students in the final stages of their studies. Salaries are paid for all traineeships.

With these programs, we want to offer students a unique opportunity to work in various specialist positions under the guidance of top investment professionals. We do not look at competence alone in the selection process, because we genuinely want the trainees to enjoy working with us at Evli. Our goal is to find new Evli employees and to hire one or several motivated future top talents either immediately after the program or later on after graduation.

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The application period for the 2024 Trainee programs has ended

The trainees for spring and autumn 2025 will be recruited in August-September, and the trainees for the summer will be recruited in December-January.

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