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High-risk adjusted return combining European Investment Grade, European High Yield and Nordic unrated bonds

Evli Corporate Bond fund

Managed by Mikael Lundström since start in 1999, with good returns in both bull and bear markets.

modern blue business building

20 years of strong and stable returns in both bull and bear markets

1st quartile returns over 3, 5, 10 and 15 years and in the top 10% in Europe during the last 15 years - the fund is a unique performer!

Best Euro Bond Fund in 2018*, managed by Mikael Lundström with the same investment philosophy since inception, with a flexible investment strategy that has enabled good returns in both bull and bear markets.

*Morningstar France, Spain and Finland



Past performance is no guarantee of future returns.

Note: Performance shown since start against present benchmark (75% ICE BofAML EMU Corporates Index &
25% ICE BofAML Euro High Yield, BB-B Constrained), official benchmark 09/1999 – 9/2010 is Citigroup EMU Government Bond Index.


return since start


yearly return


Sharpe ratio

Same manager and investment philosophy since start

The Evli Corporate Bond fund was launched 20 years ago immediately after the birth of the euro, still maintaining the same investment philosophy today. Find out how it came to life.


The start, the edge, the future - Listen to the Evli Podcast!

In this three-part podcast series we will shed light on how the fund was born, what keeps a manager motivated 20 years on and what the future of bond management looks like. Listen in to our experts!

Episode 1: Evli Corporate Bond fund - How it all began

Evli’s CIO Mikael Lundström, portfolio manager of the Evli Corporate Bond fund since inception in 1999, reveals how the fund was born and what keeps him motivated to be part of the fund 20 years on.

Episode 2: The Evli edge

Three of Evli’s partners, with a joint experience of over 60 years - PM, CIO Mikael Lundström, together with Peter Lindahl and Petter von Bonsdorff - dissect the cornerstones of Evli and its investment philosophy, discuss how the company differs from its competitors and what is the level of creative license Evli is able to offer its employees.

Episode 3: What does the future hold?

Evli's Head of Institutional Wealth Management Kim Pessala and Fund Industry Specialist Jauri Häkkä discuss , active vs. passive fixed income management, the impact of sustainable investment, what culture means to Evli and what is important when securing and retaining young talent.

A flexible corporate bond strategy focusing on reliable companies with free cash flow and an ability to repay the capital on the maturity date.

Mikael Lundström

  • MSc (Econ), Portfolio Manager, Chief Investment Officer.
  • Has invested in the European High Yield market since its birth in 1999.
  • Portfolio manager of the Evli Corporate Bond and the Evli European High Yield funds since launch. 
  • Holds a Morningstar Analyst Rating for his funds.
  • Outside of work, Mikael is a keen skier and trail runner.

"In addition to official ratings, we assess true credit quality. This approach has enabled us to achieve an excellent track record with performances of around 5% per year since the launch of this strategy."

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Morningstar Awards 2018 (c). Morningstar, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Evli Corporate Bond Fund managed by Mikael Lundström and Jani Kurppa received a Morningstar Award reward in 2018 and was chosen as the best EUR Bond Fund in Finland, France and Spain